Cause Weight stability

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ثبات الوزن

 One of the many problems facing dieters or so-called dieting is the problem of weight stability after it was brought down quickly and well at the beginning of dieting and this in turn leads to frustration and dissatisfaction with what is done in an effort to lose weight We will present in this article the reasons for stability Some solutions to this problem
                                                                             Cause Weight stability
 The body's return to a particular pattern of food may lead to its unresponsiveness to it over time
 Follow a diet without being associated with exercise
 Slow down metabolism, or metabolism, a process in which food oxidized inside the body to become the energy the body needs to perform its normal activities
نتيجة بحث الصور عن ثبات الوزن

Weight stability
 The age of the person following the diet as the young age makes the process of demolition and construction in the body is a quick process and on the contrary for older people who have these processes are done slowly, making it difficult to reduce their weight
 Some diseases such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, chronic constipation, watery growth in the body, ovarian polycystic near the date of the menstrual cycle. Lack of certain vitamins
 Some drugs, such as antidepressants, contraceptives, cortisone drugs, certain antibiotics, some drugs for stress and diabetes
Weight stability
 Dieting does not mean starving the body and depriving it of food. It means regulating the food in a healthy and healthy way to reach an ideal weight, and starving it contributes to weight stability because the body stores food in the form of fat. Solutions to the problem of weight stability patience and frustration and despair, any problem need sufficient time to resolve it and there is no so-called immediate solution
 Diversification in the diet that is followed to increase the proportion of vegetables and fruits in some cases, which lead to the body's sense of eating large amounts of food feel full
 We do not rely on the method of starvation in diet, as we explained in the last point of the previous paragraph
 To ensure that there are no diseases that prevent weight loss and if there is a cure for it. Be sure to measure your weight properly by following the following tips: Do not measure weight after exercising directly
 Wear light clothing when measuring weight
Weight measurement should be when waking up from sleep and entering the bathroom and not before


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