How to get rid of eye floaters with home remedies

How to get rid of eye floaters with home remedies? 

How to get rid of eye floaters using home remedies is very important, many people are concerned with it because they often face such a problem, in this article, we will focus the light on everything you need to deal with eye floaters.
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What are eye floaters?

Eye floaters are just as some spots which are moving through your field of vision, they are always black or grey, if you try to move your eye, they may have the ability to move, drift or dart, the jellylike substance in the eye becomes liquid, so when you see eye floaters appearing and increasing very quickly, you should soon visit your doctor, we will give you a guide of How to get rid of eye floaters.

How to get rid of eye floaters: Reasons and remedies

There are a lot of various reasons for eye floaters, many of them are harmless, on the other hand, some of them require an immediate medical treatment, here are some of the most famous reasons for eye floaters.
Here are some of the natural remedies you may get help know how to get rid of eye floaters.

Natural remedies for eye floaters

Get rest

Getting rest for a while is good for your strained eyes, so when your eyes are tired, it’s a good idea to relax.

Do some exercise

Try to give your eyes an exercise, you can roll them in a circular movement clockwise, you can focus on an object and bring it very close to your eyes, then move it far as much as you can,  move the object many times further and closer, it’s one of the best ways of How to get rid of eye floaters.

Give yourself a massage

Close your eyes while you are having massage gently, cover yourself with a warm cloth, also rub your hands so as to get heat and put them on your eyelids.

Don’t watch TV for too long

Don’t watch TV for a long time, this can harm your eyes.

Drink a big amount of water

Eye floaters can be indicative of toxin accumulation so drinking water can relieve it as water can detox your body.

Eat foods rich in antioxidant

High antioxidant food has the ability to fight damage which can lead to eye floaters, so having food such as blueberries, kale, pomegranate, and strawberries are useful for you.

Eat taurine-rich foods

Having food which is rich in taurine can help healthy vision, meat and seafood are good examples o have for good eyes.

Do some yoga

Yoga can work well to relieve stress, many of the yoga movements are done with closed eyes, so it can help rest your eyes while you are having yoga exercise.
Sleep well
Getting enough sleep is important to keep your eyes healthy and support to relieve tiredness and strain.

Use sunglasses

Sunglasses can help protect your eyes, especially from UV rays which are harmful and bad for your eyes.

Other treatments for eye floaters

There are some other options to treat your eye floaters, here are some:
Laser is used to disturbing floaters, making them unseen after breaking them up.
Surgery can be another solution to remove the vitreous humor.
Consulting doctors are important in some case, many appointments should be done to follow up until you make sure eye floaters are not going worse, side vision loss is very dangerous and could lead to complete vision loss if it’s taken with a lot of care and more attention.

Eye exercises and self-acupressure for eye floaters

Acupressure is traditionally used in China, it depends on applying some pressure to some certain points in the body to promote healing.
Treating eye is an effective natural way to get improved sight, you can do it yourself, seven acupressure points around your eyes you should concentrate on beginning from the corner of your eye, close to your nose, and continue across the brow, ending under your eyelid.
Massaging all these points for at least 10 seconds for each one will increase circulation to the eyes and improve your eyesight.
There are also different exercises which are useful to your eyes, you can blink repeatedly, so it creates moisture which is good to soothe your eyes, try to blink continually for about five seconds if your eyes are strained.
Taking a break is a great way for your eyes to improve eyesight. It’s a good idea to help how to get rid of eye floaters, only pay attention to avoid eyestrain by looking away from your computer screen, and don’t watch TV for a long time.

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Things you should avoid if you have eye floaters

  • You strongly should avoid the following if you have eye floaters:
  • Watching TV or working on the computer if it is dark.
  • Watching TV movies for a long time.
  • Reading books in a weak light.
  • Wearing sunglasses for very long.
  • Avoiding smoking.
  • having alcohol for too much.
  • Stressful situations should be avoided.


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