How to work on weight loss and reach the stability stage

نتيجة بحث الصور عن فقدان الوزن

Weight loss problem many people may suffer from the problem of weight stability, especially those who follow a diet, where most complain of the stability of their weights and stop at a certain level, despite the diet for a long time, which leads to frustration and may even become an opportunity
                                                                                                                     Weight loss
They surrender to the food without realizing that this phenomenon is one of the natural stages that the body can undergo during the process of weight change from actual weight-to-weight loss
 Known, as the phenomenon of weight stability is the stage of stability or stop in the weight loss experienced by the body after four to six weeks of Start dieting
 Weight loss is not just a loss of fat; it is a combination of body fat, muscle mass and fluid. A group of people who follow a diet has shown that weight loss is 75% fat and 25% Muscular and the bulk of this ratio is water that amounts to 70% of the total body weight and 50% of the weight of the fatty tissue
 In addition, what actually happens is that during the first weeks of dieting weight loss body, a large person may lose several kilograms, and all this is normal when the proportion of calories gained from food
The body compensates weight loss through energy stores in the body at different stages and: Glucose in the blood: This store considered the energy of the moment
Weight loss
نتيجة بحث الصور عن فقدان الوزن
 Glycogen located in liver and muscle
 After the first energy source is finished, the body replaces it with the second store, the glycogen found in the liver and muscles. The glycogen contains a large percentage of water. When the glycogen burned to produce energy, a large proportion of the water released.
 The amount of free burning of one gram of glycogen is four grams Water is what constitutes most of the weight loss at this stage.
 Fat stored in the fatty tissue:
 When depleted body stock of glycogen,
 it takes the fat substitute for energy production and fat a violation of glycogen in not containing a large proportion of water in addition to containing one gram of fat more than double the amount of energy stored in one gram of glycogen That is
 Energy produced more when it burns and the result is that the weight loss reduced and may stop going down and thus the phenomenon of weight stability occurs


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