Weight gain is associated with aging, but it can controlled to reach weight loss in a healthy way

نتيجة بحث الصور عن مرض فقدان الوزن
Many people suffer from increased weight as they age. No matter how thin or fit the human body, older people have changes that make them fertile ground for belly fat and weight gain
There are a number of reasons for this, starting with hormonal changes and muscle loss, which means that running fast in the morning will not help the 50-year-old who wants the weight loss he has gained from eating a diet from Burgers for example

نتيجة بحث الصور عن مرض فقدان الوزن 
"These changes can be controlled more than we think," said the vice president of research at a US drug company. "Instead of trying weight loss, you can adjust exercise, diet, and lots of protein," he said
weight loss is the occurrence of a decrease in body mass is less than normal and may be the cause psychologically or morally or physiologically, the thinner may intentionally infect the individual when certain diets for the purpose of weight loss or unintentionally and involuntarily due to a particular disease or take some drugs that may cause Weight loss and thinness have serious complications on the body. The thinner is suffering from malnutrition and loss of the body of many important elements and immune deficiency as well as disease easily
Weight loss
 Causes of weight loss Taking medications that work on weight loss
 Follow hard diets that reduce calories entering the body.
Disorders of thyroid secretions that control the metabolic processes responsible for the combustion of calories in the body
 Loss of appetite and unwillingness to eat

 Inflammation of the intestine and inflammation of the liver
 The presence of certain types of worms in the stomach
Weight loss
 Diseases of the mouth, gums and throat that cause inability to eat and difficulty swallowing. Nephropathy and stomach ulcers
 Depression, stress and exerting excessive effort. Genetic factors there are whole families suffering from thinness
 Allergies against certain types of food
 Respiratory tract infections such as tuberculosis
 Take some types of medications that may have side effects such as weight loss
 Alcoholic drinks and liqueurs
 Excessive exercise
نتيجة بحث الصور عن مرض فقدان الوزن 

Ways to get rid of weight loss

 Eat healthy food with fresh vegetables and fruits and eat more calories than you need daily to store excess calories in your body and gain weight
 Exercising moderately and having proper food afterwards to gain a little weight. Take an appetizer under medical supervision to increase the patient's desire to eat
 Get rid of depression and psychological stress in order to increase the desire to eat
 Focus on eating high-calorie foods such as nuts, bread, pasta and rice.
 Eat supplements that work on weight gain but under medical supervision and moderation
 Attention should be paid to using any of the above methods to get rid of weight loss and gain weight because if you follow these methods without study that will lead to obesity and obesity and thus your health is at risk to eliminate the weight loss is to reach the ideal weight


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